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GR. $ THE CAY. THEODORE TAYLOR. Phillip's mother didn't like black peo- ple. "They are not the same as you," she told him. "They are different, and. pdf. Sign me up to get more news about Children's books. Please make a selection The two drift to a small cay where they are left to survive with only a small. The Cay is a coming-of-age story about Phillip Enright, a eleven year old boy who lives on a small Dutch island during the beginning of World War II. Initially.

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The Cay Pdf

Please Note: the bookThe Cay by Theodore Taylor is required and not included with this study guide. The Cay - Literature Kit Gr. - PDF Download. Grades 5–8 Reproducible Pages. # The Cay. Study Guide by Lisa Tiffin. For the novel by Theodore Taylor. Page 2. Limited permission to reproduce this. The Cay. Guidepost. Class Discussion – Before Reading Activities: 1. Predict Read the summary of The Cay provided in the Literature Unit Guide on page 7.

There is a threat of a German invasion and Mrs. Enright decides to take Phillip back to the states. When the ship they are traveling on is torpedoed, Phillip is separated from his mother and left floating on a wooden raft with Timothy, a black man from the West Indies. The two drift to a small cay where they are left to survive with only a small amount of food salvaged from the ship. Phillip, who is blinded by a head injury, must depend on Timothy to stay alive. Though Phillip has been reared to be prejudiced against blacks, his attitude changes as Timothy teaches him to be independent in spite of his blindness. Since then he has been a magazine writer, a movie publicist and production assistant, a documentary filmmaker, and the author of many books for adults and children. What is the primary culture on the island? How do the people make their living? What do they do for entertainment? What are special customs? Have students share their findings in class. How does Timothy instinctively know what they must do?

What was Dr. Then have them write and exchange letters between Phillip and Brian after the characters are both safe at home.

Social Studies —Voodoo is a common practice in the West Indies, but Phillip is frightened when he realizes that Timothy thinks that Stew Cat is an evil spirit a jumbi. Ask students to research some of the Voodoo practices such as the one Timothy uses when he spends the evening carving a Stew Cat p.

Then have them discuss why Voodoo is in conflict with most religious practices in the United States. Send students to the library to research the geography of the West Indies islands.

The Cay Teacher’s Guide

Have them create an illustrated brochure about the formation of the islands that might be given to tourists. Science —Timothy becomes ill with malaria, and Phillip must care for him without the aid of medicines. Ask students to research malaria. What causes it? Is it contagious? How is it treated?

How is it prevented? Then have them find out the parts of the world where the disease is prevalent today. Phillip and Timothy survive largely on fish they catch. Ask students to make a list of the fish, like langosta lobster , mentioned in the book.

Then have them gather pertinent information about the various fish and make an illustrated guide called Edible Sea Life in the West Indies.

A hurricane strikes the cay and Phillip and Timothy are faced with new challenges to their survival. Have students research hurricanes and prepare a small publication called Tips for Surviving Hurricanes that might be distributed to people who live in the islands.

Dramatize a scene where he meets Dr. Have him tell Dr. King about Timothy, and how his experience on the cay changed his views regarding race. Most Calypso songs tell a story and involve homemade instruments. Find an example of Calypso music and play it for the class.

Then ask them to write a Calypso song dedicated to Timothy. Ask students to find out about the steel drum, an instrument commonly linked to Calypso music. Such words may include: Calypso www.

The Historic Area of Willemstad http: Theodore Taylor www. Learn More About The Cay pdf.

LitFlash The eBooks you want at the lowest prices. Read it Forward Read it first. Initially excited by war, Phillip is upset that his mother insists on leaving his father and the island to go back to America. While in route to Panama, Phillip and his mother's ship is torpedoed.

Philip awakes on a raft with an old black man named Timothy, a cat, and a bump on his head. As they drift on the sea, Phillip's injury causes him to lose his sight.

The Cay - Literature Kit Gr. 7-8 - PDF Download [Download]

Eventually they land on a deserted island and Phillip has to learn to live as a blind person. Timothy insists on teaching him to do things for himself because they both know that Timothy is old enough that he could die on the island. Phillip comes to accept Timothy as a friend and no longer judges by the color of his skin. With an initial quote from Martin Luther King, Jr. The story is engaging while teaching children about not being prejudiced.

the cay novel study

It is best read with an adult who can explain the themes of war and racism. One fascinating aspect of this novel is that the narrative is not sacrificed despite its original intent for a young audience, and can be enjoyed by readers of all ages. Taylor's messages on racism are as relevant today as they were in the 60s.

His discussion of different cultures speaks of the value of acceptance and appreciation for different lifestyles. Taylor also explores the varying perspectives on voodoo, comparing a white boy's judgements on mysticism to a practitioner's belief in a karma-like religion.

The Cay by Theodore Taylor - Teacher's Guide - Books

Religious persecution is prevalent today and Taylor actively tries to dispel stereotypes in his writing. His crusade against prejudice in this novel is a great theme for any reader. Alternatively, you can download the file locally and open with any standalone PDF reader: While in route to Panama, Phillip and his mother? As they drift on the sea, Phillip?

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